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Fargo, North Dakota, USA

CINEMA I In the beginning there was mess....and still is. The north side of the garage showing the booth wall.

The south wall where the screen used to be. This "room" was never really used, as the weather conditions made it rather uncomfortable.

What remains of the booth. Our own Paul Thompson aided a great deal in the booth's construction.

The front booth wall showing the Wal-Mart brand port glass: picture frames. Actually not that bad for $7.

Josh showing off the #1 Magna Arc.

Josh and the #2 lamp.

What remains of the sound rack. Eprad Starscope and a home brew dual exciter supply powered by Strong innerds.

Josh setting the positive carbon. These lamps burn 6mm negatives and 7mm positives.

The Brenkert BX-80 head with RCA 9050 soundhead. Note the soaked paper towel under the oil sight glass and the lower sprocket. These machines are notorious for oil leaks.

The squeeze between the #2 machine and the wall was/is a bit tight.

Note Bimbo the gorilla atop the #1 lamphouse. A small draft inducing type fan was used for exhausting the lamps. Two Strong rectifiers are located to the left of the projectors under the sub panel. Welding cable is used to run the power to the pedestals. What an awful lot of work for the two shows that ran in this booth.

CINEMA II The indoor booth showing the BX-100 projector head, SH-1000 soundhead, Dolby cat701 digital reader and Christie media clenaer. The lamphouse is a Kni-Tron L-100-3 500 watt xenon. Automation is a Xetron Maxi-8 with barcode cue reader (added later).

A better shot showing the reader/cleaner and the film handling RCA reel arm screwed to a floor joist.

Here, you can see a cheap bathroom exhaust fan pulling hot air from the lamphouse, homebrew all the way. Better shot of the reel arm and rollers, phone, and exciter supply tucked under the counter. The original projection port is to the left of the current one. The projector was moved when I could not access the electrical panel. A patched over viewing port is near the ceiling. Note carpet on the walls to help with noise.

The whole setup, complete with water heater. The pedestal is from an old RCA mag setup circa 1955, called a "donkey" pedestal. Concrete blocks support the setup, with rectifier at rear on the floor.

It takes some effort and coordination to place a 6K reel on the spindle.

Better shot.

Having the reel at a 90 degree angle to the projector was necessary due to the small booth.

Here is how the rollers are threaded.


Threading the cleaner and reader.

Threading the soundhead. Note the Maxi-8, curtain control and Radio Shack monitor behind Josh.

The booth wall with seating for 14 (been there, done that) and el-cheapo Sony surrounds.

Screen with curtain and warmer. The motors are out of view on the right on the floor. More Sony speakers and the workbench is to the left.

Projector after barcode cue scanner/failsafe was added. This was set up to scan barcodes placed on the edge of the film, rather than across the picture. Threaded rods support the reel arm.

On the wall is a necessity for any Brenkert owner; LOTS of paper towels. Below the scanner control box is another box with relays for performing format switching off the chageover coil.

Josh Jones in Cinema II.

The sound system featuring a CP55 with psuedo SR(cat 222 SR/A) DA20, QSC USA 400 amps, CFS monitor, Toa amp for sub, and a JVC DVD player for nonsync.

Josh's high school distance track team gathered for a flick, all 12 of them. The year before 14 showed up!

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