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Josh Jones, Scott Neff and Mike Olpin work ahead of time to setup the snacks and booze.

Scott Neff acting like...Scott Neff.

Josh Jones prepares the Steve Guttag flags for the plate of cheese.

Scott Neff and Mike Olpin start building the plate of cheese.

The plate 'o cheese in Steve Guttag's honor is almost finished.

Aaron Sisemore places the last Guttag flag.

...and Steve chows down!

Josh Jones, Steve Guttag, Michael Schaffer, Mark Gulbrandsen, Ray Derrick.

David Miller

Steve continues his in-depth cyan track debate while Mark once again stares in amazement at the awesomeness of Steve's shoes.

Mark Gulbrandsen

Ian Price wants to kiss YOU!

Ross Kranz and Ian Price at the bar.

Mark Gulbrandsen keeping a safe distance from Steve as he gobbles up more cheese.

Adam Martin, Dan Lyons and Mike Olpin on the couch.

Aaron Sisemore plays bartender this year.

Brian Kropp, Josh Jones, Adam Martin, Scott Neff and Dan Lyons.

Brian Whitish

Mike Spaeth

Mike Olpin and John Pytlak.

Adam Martin, Dan Lyons and Brian Kropp in front. Ross Kranz, Richard Fowler and Jim Bedford in back.

Mike Olpin giving us his Phil Hill "what's this nasty crap in my cup" impersonation.

Part of Mike Olpin, Dan Lyons, Adam Martin and Peter Kirchinsky.

Scott Neff migrates part of the party into the bathroom area where he demonstrates the proper way to use a bidet. (See the Scott Neff Experience in the VIDEOS section.)

Scott Neff being himself again.

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