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Josh Jones, Scott Neff and Mike Olpin work ahead of time to ...

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Scott Neff acting like...Scott Neff.

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Josh Jones prepares the Steve Guttag flags for the plate of ...

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Scott Neff and Mike Olpin start building the plate of cheese...

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The plate 'o cheese in Steve Guttag's honor is alm...

57 KB · 625x338
Aaron Sisemore places the last Guttag flag.

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...and Steve chows down!

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Josh Jones, Steve Guttag, Michael Schaffer, Mark Gulbrandsen...

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David Miller

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Steve continues his in-depth cyan track debate while Mark on...

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Mark Gulbrandsen

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Ian Price wants to kiss YOU!

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Ross Kranz and Ian Price at the bar.

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Mark Gulbrandsen keeping a safe distance from Steve as he go...

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Adam Martin, Dan Lyons and Mike Olpin on the couch.

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Aaron Sisemore plays bartender this year.

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Brian Kropp, Josh Jones, Adam Martin, Scott Neff and Dan Lyo...

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Brian Whitish

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Mike Spaeth

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Mike Olpin and John Pytlak.

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Adam Martin, Dan Lyons and Brian Kropp in front. Ross Kranz...

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Mike Olpin giving us his Phil Hill "what's this na...

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Part of Mike Olpin, Dan Lyons, Adam Martin and Peter Kirchin...

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Scott Neff migrates part of the party into the bathroom area...

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Scott Neff being himself again.
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