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Plano, Texas

Jim Zippo's private screening room

The Zipporama screening room. Rocking chair seating for over 60 with balcony soon to come! (My apologies for the poor pictures. I was using a snapshot camera and couldn't fit the entire room in.)

One of two Cinemeccanica V-10 35/70mm projectors. Lamphouses are Cinemeccanica 1600 watt. These projectors can handle any 35mm or 70mm format, past and present.

The Hortsen 16mm projector capable of 6000' reels.

Sound rack capable of 35mm Dolby A, SR, DTS digital and magnetic sound as well as 70mm 6-track magnetic sound.

The film inspection center and partial film storage room. This may very well be the only place in the world with THREE rewinders on one table!

Jim Zippo with mascot Matilda the kangaroo.

Photos from the Jim Zippo collection.

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