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Plano, Texas, USA

Wide shot of screening room - 33 foot throw, 14 foot screen, North American Sound Studio Monitor front speakers.

Close-up of screen: 14 foot electric Draper matte white with movable masking curtains. Feature film storage is behind screen.

Seating for six, plus four temporary seats. Barely visible are North American Sound Squire and JBL rear speakers.

Reverse-angle close-up of booth port showing two Eiki 5500-S projectors and two Eiki SSL-0 projectors. Note Eiki Long-Play Unit in background.

Close-up of booth port.

Eiki EX-5500-S projectors (550 watt Xenon) with changeovers and scope attachments.

Reverse-angle of four Eiki projectors. Rewind bench and other film storage (not shown) are also in booth.

Sound equipment including Smart SG1130BX stereo synthesizer and Holman APT preamp.

Adcom GFA-1A amplifiers and various lenses stored in recycled Crystal Lite containers.

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