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Excelsior Kinema
Hinchley Wood, Surrey, England

Exterior by night. The sign is copied from the Excelsior Kinema, Bethnal Green, East London.

The photo on the foyer door is of the Excelsior, Bethnal Green taken in 1968, the year before demolition.

The small foyer crammed with original fittings salvaged from old cinemas.

RCA Photophone sign in the foyer.

This way to the stalls. It's time for the show to begin.

The six seat auditorium.

The screen masked for Widescreen presentation.

The screen masked for Scope presentation.

Original Western Electric sign below the screen.

Rear of the auditorium. Rescued from a bingo hall, the cherubs are dancing with joy at seeing films once again!

The show is on.

Screen shot.

Two-way Automaticket machine filled with banks of old pre-decimal tickets (shillings and pence).

Rewind bench and spool cabinet. Spare projector heads on the floor.

Kalee 12 picture head (1941), Western Electric Universal Base (1930) and Monarc lamp (1939), complete with drip trays.

Kalee 12 picture head with Scope lens and Western Electric Universal Base soundhead.

Kalee 12 picture head and Western Electric Universal Base soundhead.

Kalee 12 picture head, Western Electric Universal Base and Monarc lamp.

Close-up of Western Electric Universal Base soundhead.

Synchronous disc from the film "Redskins" (1929).

Ross GC1 picture head (1947), RCA 9031 soundhead (1947) and Peerless Magnarc (1930s).

Ross GC1 picture head and RCA 9031 soundhead.

Ross GC1 picture head.

Close-up of RCA 9031 soundhead.

Interior of Peerless Magnarc, converted to halogen by fixing the lamp holder to the front carbon guide, thus enabling use of the original mirror. The carbons are purely decorative.

Photos from the Kevin Wheelan collection.

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