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Dolby CP-200 cinema processor with 2 Auxiliary units, SRA-5 adaptor, and SRD upgrade cards. Auxiliary unit is outfitted with 1/3 octave equalization for stereo surrounds and noise reduction for the Left extra and Right extra screen channels. The magnetic preamp has a full set of 10 cards for any possible format as well as the rare cat 93 surround switch card. Two Dolby cat 204 remote control units are installed at each projector. Other sound system specs... L, C, R screen speakers...Altec A4A-X 1505B. Le, Re screen speakers...Altec 1204B. 12 surround speakers...Altec model 83 3-way. Dual subwoofers...Altec 8182 custom manufactured out of extra heavy duty oak plywood at 1 1/8" thick. 3 BGW 7500T amplifiers drive the 5 screen speakers rated at 240 watts/channel. BGW PS2 amplifier drives the 12 surround speakers rated at 240 watts/channel. BGW PS3 amplifier drives the dual subwoofers for a combined total of 1400 watts.

Photo from the Bob Leader collection.

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