Film-Tech Cinema Systems

Irvine, California

Top part of the film sound rack. From Top: Furman power conditioner, modifed by me to have switched outlets controlled by AMX; AMX AXCENT3 Control server; Dolby CP650 with EX (which we donít use as the surrounds arenít wired for it and cannot be changed); DEVLCAM dual video monitors; QSC DCM-1 Monitor (which is simply looking at the processor outputs, it is not feeding the amps or getting speaker returns); Power supply for the BACP Reverse scan readers, built by my company TPA TransCom; and DTS-6D player donated by DTS. The AMX, CP-650, DCM and DEVLCAM monitors were donated by me this past January.

August 2010 photo from the Tony Bandiera Jr collection.

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