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The FP-38D, 35mm film side. BACP Reverse scan readers were donated by me about six years ago. RP-40 loop hangs on lamphouse prior to setting the 1.37 lens. You can see the DTS reader mounted where the old 4-track mag was (It was set up poorly due to the lens turrets, and the sound would have been way out of sync) and the BACP reader with film cleaner bracket mounted to the front. More on the DTS and DD later. The lens turrets are a huge pain in the butt, as they and the apertures never seem to index to the same spot twice. A huge waste of money as we rarely run more than one film in a show and donít need rapid lens changes. There was even a Kinoton Pin matrix automation!! It was never connected and the University gave it to me. I still have it, brand new and never used. The money wasted on the 4-track, turrets and automation could have been better spent on other things ... like digital sound (I added it later) and perhaps even 70mm capability.

August 2010 photo from the Tony Bandiera Jr collection.

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