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Theatre #2ís Cinema processor rack. It features the Panastereo CSP1200 processor. It is augmented by the Panastereo CSP4600 auxiliary unit. Despite the 70mm badge, the processor is not being used for 70mm here. The firmware was modified for the AFI/Silver so it could be effectively used as a mult-channel, multi-source selector. The CSP4600 also provides noise reduction for the Dubber (type-A or SR). There is a Panastereo MP64 above the CSP4600 for the dubber preamps. Below the CSP1200 is an SDDS DFP-D2500 decoder. Theatre #2 is also has 5-screen channels while Theatre #3 only has three. Below the SDDS unit is the Panastereo SP23 Surround-SX (same as EX) decoder. The SP-23 features 1/3 octave EQ on all channels as well as separate trims for all four sections for precise level matching of EX and non-EX movies. Panastereo booth monitor (modified for line-out) drives the JBL LSR monitor speakers throughout the booth. The Panastereo remotes have monitor selector and volume controls as well so the projectionist is never far from a control. The Rane RPM88 DSP processor, among other things, provides for accurate lip-sync delay for video sources.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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