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The next rack down continues the far reach of the CP200ís control. Panastereo MP64s are equipped with line cards to turn them into 4x1 6-channel input selectors. The CP200 can instruct the MP64s to select the desired input and the CP200 can choose which set of MP64(s) to listen to. Metering for video sources and those with potentially more than 6-channels are at the top of the rack with a Wohler 8-channel meter. Below the input selectors is another MP64 that has dubber preamps. The preamps are 6-channel and AFI/Silver has a separate preamp for each dubber head assembly. Below the dubber preamps are Dolby 363 SR/A noise reduction units so the dubbers may have either A or SR type noise reduction. The Cinema patch panels are below the 6-channel (MP64) selector. This is where temporary sources can be patched in. One may also change the channel assignments of select equipment, including the dubbers and DTS players (special venue discs may not use standard 5.1 channel assignments). Below the patch bays is a general purpose mixer for when the cinema system will carry some PA. It is also handy when you need to add a volume knob to a piece of equipment to balance its level out.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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