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Silver Spring, Maryland

Moving down one rack we come the CP200ís Accessories. Two DA20s to handle all four projectors, SRA-5 for 35mm optical SR, DMA8 for digital audio from video/DCinema, DP572 for Dolby-E, DP564 for PCM and Dolby AC3, THX D1138 booth monitor and crossover, Sony SDDS DFP-D2500 (a rare bird but probably the best SDDS decoder and they make GREAT 8-channel VU meters!), the SA-10 for Surround-EX and the DTS-XD10 for projectors 1&2. The XD10 for projectors 3&4 is in the CP200 rack. The XD10s double as CSS units and allow for open captioning on select shows.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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