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The finest processor ever designed, the Dolby CP200. Even in 2009, no other processor is as flexible. This one is reasonably well “tricked-out.” About all it doesn’t do is Surround-EX on board, though it could, the AFI has an SA-10 for EX. The unit below the Processing Unit and the Control Unit is the Studio Interface (SI-1). The MPU-1 is fully loaded for 35 and 70mm and has the Cat 93 for 4-track mag. surrounds. Note too the switch that allows the projectionist to give priority to Dolby or DTS digital with the other serving as backup. This CP200 is also integrated with the Crestron system. Dialing format 77 puts the Crestron in charge of the video format and source control. As one might imagine, this CP200 has more than just the stock format numbers.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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