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The “automation” screen is tailored to the specific theatres. In theatre #1, there is a Dolby CP200 so the A, B, C, D presets may be used. Separate volume settings may be preset for each pair of projectors as well as the video and non-sync. The CP200 communicates with the Crestron to let it know which projector is active or if Non-Sync/Video is active. Here, masking presets may also be loaded in. When the douser of the respective screen is opened, the presets are executed. This can be done just one time, at each changeover or just for one show. The projectionist can decide just how much automation they need for a particular performance…anywhere from full manual to completely automated, including video/film handoffs and even turning on the lights and PA for Q&A afterwards.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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