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Looking inside the FP75ES (35/70) one will see much of the same things as the FP38. However there is the addition of the 35/70 magentic soundhead and its corresponding flywheels. The shutters, which operate similarly to the FP38 use a second 3-phase motor and inverter drive (white box at the top of the picture). The shutters are of the double-dissolving type and driven via belt. In the FP75ES, the intermittent motor and controller (MDE-24) are added to the water cooling system. In fact, the water must be kept around 18C (65F) +/- 2C. There is a water flow circuit that will shut down the machine if sufficient water flow is not present. Mounted to the main board is the 3D coupling board (lower right corner of the main board).

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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