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Silver Spring, Maryland

The Barco DP50 still provides all of the video presentations. The DP50 is outfitted with the Barco ACSAR which provides seamless switching between both digital and analog sources, HD and SD. The Macros in the DP50 are set up such that 5 Macros cover well over 95% of all presentations with ratios ranging from 4:3 to Scope at 2.39:1. On the right one can see the portal control panel with a Crestron touch panel and intercom system. The Crestron system takes care of controlling the ACSAR and always has the proper source selected and formatted. The operator is responsible for anamorphic lens changes (in a 1st generation DCinema projector, two anamorphics are used (1.5X and 1.9X) to create all ratios other than 5:4 (SXVGA, 1280x1024)).

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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