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And finally, upon exiting the second flight of stairs one emerges into the Historic Theatre’s projection room. The projection and sound installation (including video and PA) took approximately 6-weeks from start until the first shows. Full functionality took some months longer but also had to be worked in around the show schedule. Pictured here, on the right, are the four film projectors and one DCinema projector (note, in 2003, when the AFI/Silver opened, the Barco DP50 was the current state-of-the-art). There are two pairs of film projectors with two Kinoton FP75ES and two Kinoton FP38ES. Any projector may “changeover” to any projector though they almost always work in like-pairs. They can also perform a 3-D changeover as each pair can run in a dual-strip 3-D mode. This feature may also be used for evaluating multiple copies of the same movie.

December 2009 photo from the Steve Guttag collection.

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