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Arlington, TX, USA

The sound rack for the large auditorium. Dolby CP650s with Dolby Digital EX are used in every auditorium. Everything about these Pennywise CA21 automations is custom. They control EVERYTHING from the overhead threading lights to the auditorium door closers and in this location they were expanded further to be utilized as an energy management system that is far smarter than any other system designed specifically for the cause. Key points of it's energy management related tasks are automated powering on and off of each auditorium 60 minutes prior to the first showtime and 15 minutes after the last showtime as well as controlling the HVAC systems. (It knows when to execute these commands based upon the showtime info pulled from the ticketing system.) A DVD player and AV switcher is built into each rack for light AV rentals. Amps and speakers are QSC top to bottom in the building. Each sound rack also has it's own UPS battery backup. The monitor at the top of the rack is a scrolling CA21 timeline.

January 2007 photo from the Brad Miller collection.

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