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On top is the mixer that I have been using to do the LFE test, below that the Pioneer VSP-200 this used to produce two more extra ambient channels which comes from the fronts from the Kenwood KRF-X9050D THX select which is placed below, the Pioneer VSP-200 is Dolby pro-logic with auto balance, it got onboard amplifiers for the upper centre channel and the side middle ambient surround matrix, below the Kenwood KRF-X9050D THX select. Is the Yamaha DSR-70pro-logic this is used for the centre back surround with height surround ready, also the side rear split-surrounds, the pre-outputs from the Kenwood KRF-X9050D are going into the pre-inputs on the front Lt Rt to produce the signals with all output to separate EQs. and lastly at the bottom is the Yamaha DSP-100 this is used for taking the signal from the Active X-over Lf and HF outputs and the out puts to the amplifier.

October 2005 photo from the Andy Summers collection.

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