Film-Tech Cinema Systems

Langdon, ND, USA

Our projector: from top to bottom, Kelmar film cleaner (Film-Tech media pads treated with FilmGuard), DTS reader, Century C, Century R5 (equipped with Kelmar IR reverse scan optical reader), Kelmar fail-safe with cue pickup. The Kneisley Xenex II lamp-house and Kni-Tron rectifier were purchased new in 1998 and is fitted with a 1600 watt bulb. This lamp-house provides an average of 19 foot-lamberts illumination to the screen through Isco Ultra MC lenses when tested with RP-40 film. The projector and sound head were purchased used from a local drive-in for $500.00 (for two of each) The original booth contained Super Simplex projector heads mounted to SH-1000 sound heads lit by Peerless Magnarcs. The exciter lamp supply was a home-made regulated unit, and amplification was supplied by a 30 watt PA amp. Sadly I donít have pictures available for the original booth.

May 2004 photo from the Steve Hart collection.

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