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Langdon, ND, USA

This shot was taken from the front of the balcony. The auditorium’s main floor seats have been replaced, and an extension has been added to the stage for live event use. The auditorium now seats 200 on the main level. Originally, it seated 380 – original seats were very small with row spacing very tight. The original seats started only 6 feet from the front of the screen. Note the interesting wall sconces, JBL surround speakers and JBL 4675C speaker modified for flying above the screen. The theater is equipped with a 22 foot wide by 12 foot tall DA-LITE Scenic Roller screen. Bottom masking is used for 2.35:1 features. This screen was installed to allow access to the back-stage area where electrical, air-handling, and sound equipment are located. It is also used to get the screen out of harms way for live events.

May 2004 photo from the Steve Hart collection.

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