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Another stack of toys. At the top are four Channel Vision RF converters. The top two are stereo for the theatre output and the satellite tuner and the other two have 3 channels each for a mix of house video camera inputs. Next down is the Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player. Under it is the Yamaha CDV-W901 Compact Disk and Laser Disk player. The Sony SLV-575UC VHS machine is next (I still prefer Beta). Pre-show music source is the Denon DCM340 five disk changer. Next is the RCA HD satellite tuner. Second from the bottom is the Yamaha DDP-1 Digital Processor, it has inputs for RF, Optical and Coaxial sources. The bottom gadget is Monster Power's HTS3500 power filter. Whew!

March 2005 photo from the Brad Light collection.

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