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And that's all there is to it. Simple! SPECS: - 2 projector changeover system with platter option covering the following picture formats (1.33, 1.66, 1.85, Super35, 2.21, 2.39); Century JJ/TR4 projectors with Kelmar led reverse scan readers, Teccon 70mm mag heads and Ampex 35mm mag heads; Schneider lenses used in all 35mm formats. ISCO lenses used for 70mm; Strong Super Lume X lamphouses running 2000 watt xenons with Strong switcher power supplies; Christie pedestals Christie/Pennywise coupled CA21 automations programmed for unmanned frame-accurate automated changeovers and/or platter operation; Christie AW3R 35/70 platter with MK makeup table; Dolby CP200 studio sound processor with loaded AUX rack and all upgrades; Dolby MPU1 loaded; Dolby DA20 Dolby Digital decoder; Dolby SA10 Dolby Digital EX decoder; DTS 6-D digital player with 35mm and 70mm readers; Sony DFP-3000 SDDS digital player; Cinema Digital Sound (CDS) digital player; THX 3417 5 channel crossover; 16 QSC MX-1500 and DCA2422 amplifiers; 5 JBL 4675C-8LF stage speakers; 5 EV T-880 18" dual subwoofers; 12 JBL 8340 surround speakers; Christie VP2K DLP projector; BT Tech HTPC image server; JVC HM-DH3000U High Definition D-VHS deck*; Panasonic WJ-MXAV5 signal mixer*; JVC DVD player with Dolby Digital decoding*; Pioneer LaserDisc player*; Metric ultrasonic splicer*; Neumade 35SS and 70SS tape splicers; Kelmar RTV-8500 rewind bench; ProWin customized optical projection port windows; 39 Mobilario Concorde Rocker chairs; Harkness microperf 23 foot screen. * Indicates Not Shown.

Photo from the Brad Miller collection.

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