Film-Tech Cinema Systems

Rockwall, Texas

Here is the sound rack. On the right we have Dolby MPU-1, CP200 Aux unit, Processor unit, Control unit, SRA-5 adaptor, Power Supplies, DA20, SA10, Sony DFP-3000 and a second Aux unit at the bottom. On the left we have a dts6-D player, 10 user adjustable graphic EQs for making minor changes without disrupting the master calibration settings inside the processor, an HTPC (for the DLP projector), the monitor and finally a CDS digital unit. To run CDS, the SDDS reader(s) must be unmounted from the projectors to make room for the CDS reader on top of the projectors. This CDS system has 2 readers and can run 35 or 70 changeover.

Photo from the Brad Miller collection.

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