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Film-Tech Media Pads
Specifically designed for ideal use with FilmGuard!

The finest quality film cleaning fabric available.
No other media on the market matches the quality of Film-Tech media pads.

Soft enough to clean your projection lenses with.
No joke!  Film-Tech media pads are soft enough you can actually use them in conjunction with lens cleaner to clean your projection lenses.

Anti-Static coating to decrease polyester static electricity.
Film-Tech media pads cuts down on static electricity through a thin layer of anti-static coating already applied to the pads.

Conveniently wound onto plastic coupling cores for easy reuse of pads with FilmGuard film cleaner/lubricant.
Each roll of media comes wound not on a flimsy cardboard core, but on a hard plastic core designed for rewinding.  For dry use, these cores will ensure smooth operation of the web cleaner.  For wet gate use with FilmGuard, the cores allow for quick and convenient rewinding of the media, permitting the reuse of the pads for dozens of runs without compromising quality!

Carefully designed to absorb only the necessary amount of FilmGuard to prevent wastage.
Film-Tech media is manufactured to the optimal thickness for ensuring the proper amount of FilmGuard is being applied to your prints, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Exact slitting tolerances assures the media will wind smoothly and allow for reuse with FilmGuard.
No more media run off from unevenly slit rolls.  No more narrow width fabric that scratches the digital sound tracks.  The precise slitting of Film-Tech media pads ensures perfect film cleaning over and over.

Ideal length of pads.
Never again worry if there is enough media on the roll to clean an entire epic length feature!  Film-Tech media pads are long enough to ensure a minimum of 3 ½ hours of cleaning time per roll.

Outperforms other media pads even when used dry!
With the exact manufacturing tolerances, highest quality fabric on the market, anti-static coating, hard plastic cores, constant width fabric and absolutely no splices within the rolls, Film-Tech media pads outperform all other media.  Look for the crystal blue colored rolls of media that signify the best!

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