Sony Theatres at Lincoln Square
New York City, NY, USA

Daytime view of Broadway from the second floor lobby.

Rear view of marquee.

The main entrance.

The main entrance to the Loews auditorium.

Entrance to the basement projection booth.  So the projectionists don't get confused with the other doors in the basement, building management insisted they put a sign on the door.

Half of the employee break room.

Mezzanine lobby of the Loews auditorium.

View of the Loews screen in flat aspect ratio from the mezzanine.

Second floor main lobby and concession stand.

Second floor concession stand.

Some of the art in the second floor atrium.

A standby 16mm projector, never used, but here "just in case".

Spare 6000 watt xenon bulbs for the Loews auditorium.

The main build up station.

Film-Tech access area (with included green EZ chair).
Notice the two rolls of toilet paper that precisely angle the slide projector.  Genius!

A hallway with projector #6 to the left and #4 at the end.

A dead end corridor with #3 in the foreground and #2 in the backgrouns.

A digital video screening.

This is one of the standard Simplex 35mm projectors.

A platter disc with rough strips to prevent film from sliding, cuts down on static build-up and makes moving prints between floors a snap.

Automation panel with 60 minute timer.

This custom A/V rack is for the special pre-show fanfare in the Loews auditorium.  Audio is played via 8-track cartridge while fancy lighting effects are shown on the curtain as it rises.

A picture of the Loews auditorium's projection booth.  This auditorium holds 835 seats and is used for special screenings and premieres.  The projector to the right is the primary unit and the other is the "back-up" machine.

This is the head of the primary projector for the Loews auditorium.
From top to bottom, SDDS, DTS, SRD, 70mm penthouse, 35/70 Simplex projector.

This is the THX certified sound rack for the Loews auditorium.

Projector #10.  One of three projectors located in the basement of the building.

The Sony 3000 series digital reader.

The Sony 3000 series digital decoder.

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