Sony Theatres at Lincoln Square IMAX Theatre
New York City, NY, USA

IMAX lighting console.

Rear view of the IMAX projector and platter system.

IMAX console.

IMAX analog back-up and automation rack.

The IMAX fourth floor exit lobby.

One of the largest IMAX platter systems, capable of holding up to 4 hours at 24FPS or 2 hours at 48FPS (3D).

IMAX pre-show/intro rack and patchbay.

View of the IMAX platter system.

IMAX 3D high definition dual projector.

IMAX wall of processors and amps.

15,000 watt IMAX xenon lamp.

Comparison between a 4500 watt xenon bulb (bottom) and an IMAX 15,000 watt xenon bulb (top).

The IMAX audio patchbay.