Film-Tech Gathering Oct 2003
Rockwall, TX, USA

From left to right, Joe Redifer, Manny Knowles, Josh Jones, William T. Paar, Bobby Henderson, Paul Thompson.
What are they in such awe over anyway?

Why it's Daryl C. W. O'Shea!

Armed with a few cases of nacho chips and a recent trip to all theater dork's favorite place to eat, Daryl destroys the Film-Tech server rack and performs various upgrades.

Mmmmmmmmm, Chick-Fil-A!

Daryl takes a break and visits Nate Lehrke's website.

Daryl LIVED in this room most of the party, but it was all worth it...

...because his job is now complete.  The chat room is now running off of a dts unit and he has added lots of extra hard drives and still hasn't ran out of nacho chips!

Just look at his amazing work on the top shelf of the rack alone.

Meanwhile others are in awe at something else...

Manny Knowles!  Manny has prepared a feast of lasagna for everyone.

Adam and Todd patiently wait for their turn at the lasagna.

Meanwhile Phil "Coot" Hill shows up for the Halloween party, in full "pirate" costume.

Here Coot shoots the camera the bird.

From left to right, Scott Norwood (front), Daryl C. W. O'Shea, Manny Knowles, Joe Redifer, Josh Jones, Phil "Coot" Hill and William T. Paar.

A fine feast, but Michael is still hungry (and thirsty).

This shot will make an excellent new picture for Phil's member photo.

Todd shows the camera Scott Norwood's official projectionist license.

Scott shows the camera his threading finger.

No picture set is complete without product placement.

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