Film-Tech Gathering Oct 2003
Rockwall, TX, USA

In the screening room, Joe appears to be getting personal with one of the projectors... does Adam!  No wait, that was just Adam letting one rip toward the cameraman.

In honor of Mr. Guttag who was unable to attend, we fired up the platter for our first feature.

The projector, with newly changed out CA21 automations (now they are CAPIO models) and Century JJ heads installed a mere couple of days before the gathering (the old pair of JJs did not have turrets), the show is ready to run.

...but not before Scott gets some pictures of Manny.

Manny is in awe at how big the film is!  Adam Martin (in the background) in unimpressed with mere 5/70.

Meanwhile Bobby is getting video of Manny.  Hmmmm, whats the deal with Manny and cameras?

Prepared with a Pepsi and bag of nacho chips, Daryl joins the rest of the early birds in getting a seat.
(Left to right, Daryl C. W. O'Shea, Paul Thompson, Phil "Coot" Hill in another member pic-worthy expression, William T. Paar, Josh Jones, Michael Shaffer and Scott Norwood.)

Manny shares his blanket with Adam to keep warm.

Note Daryl's reserve stash of nacho chips on the ledge at the left of the picture...just in case.
Wait a minute, what are Joe and Bobby setting up for?

They are arguing over which camera would make the better bootleg!

And they actually do it!!!  Those bastards!  Someone call Jack Valenti.

"Hey Joe, why isn't your camera flickering???"

After the show, Manny is clearly outraged at the piracy (or maybe it was because he was freezing).

Scott loads up a show later in the evening, his personal print of the 1956 film "The Red Balloon".
(We had to watch this film in analog because Scott forgot to thread up the digital readers.)
At least we finally understand where came from.

"Which way does this reel spin?"

Josh waits patiently for Scott to get the machine threaded.

Later that evening we take Adam back to the days of prehistoric IMAX using "the magic of Cinema 110 photography".
Dating back to 1982 when Six Flags used to run it, this hasn't been seen for 20 years. Yes, it's The Chevy Show!

Special thanks to Adam Martin and Joe Redifer for contributing to this photo set.