System installation at Museum Of Ancient Life
Thanksgiving Point, Lehi,Utah

Platter systems awaiting in the parking lot for their ride to the booth...

The Left Eye Projector arrives in the booth safley and in placed onto the track.

After arrival of the Right Eye Projector teams took a break to get ready for the rough positioning of the track in front of the port.

With everyone back, measurements were taken and the floor marked for rough position the machines.

Very carefully the entire 5000 lb plus mass was moved over to the correct position. Final positioning was with a lasers mounted in each projectors lens barrel, then finer adjustments were performed with 3D test loops running on both machnes .

The machines being inched over to position very carefully....

With the audio racks in position installation on the sound system was begun while other equipment was still arriving through the roof via the crane.

Finally the platter systems make it into the booth. Looks more like a UFO comming in for landing from this angle.

Screen installation personel have made a good start on the screen instalation by midway though the day.

Rotary air compressors and air dryers in place for installation.

Showing the massive drive system on one of the 15/70 projectors. The air regulators and electrically operated valves for the rotor are also seen here.

Various controls and gauges on the lamphouse. Among things shown are water pressure, lamp water temperature, and the number of strikes made on the lamp.

Showing the side of the main reflector and the spiral water cooling jacket.

Front view of the reflector and right angle mirror. Note the water cooling on the right angle mirror back plates.

Another view of the right angle mirror mounting plates and water cooling.

Looking down into the lamphouse showing the second mirror assembly. The dowser blades are also water cooled.

Installation well under way. The Westrex dubber can be seen to the left along with the control podium.

The sound racks were powered up in this photo and the Show Control was hooked into the system at this point in time. The Show Control computer is just to the right of the red jacket...The DTS PB-8 player, booth monitor, and patch bay are just to the left.

Water, air, dc for the 15kw lamps, and cooling for both projector comes from overhead. All this feeds back to the support room.

Showing the rear of the lamphouse with control system relays, and all connections.

View from the other end of the booth at the Right Eye Projector.

Test target loop threaded up for fine positioning of both machines.

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