System installation at Museum Of Ancient Life
Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah

Chief Projectionist at the museum, Kinohi Soga, and CDC master machinist and CDC technician Hamid Ehsani take a break after a training session. Kinohi is very experienced at large format projection.

 Close up of the lens, and polarizer.

Christie taking a break from training on the system.

Showing the cam assembly and one of the stators.

Another view of the ststor and the input sprocket assembly.

Display from the DTS PB-8 player on the monitor.

Training continues with Christie becomming proficient at operating the system.

Bringing the film into the Right Eye projector.

Hamid trains Christie on the proper technique of threading up the rolling loop projector....

LCD screen of the Allen Bradley projection system computer. This is located at the podium position.

She's made it to the end!

Hamid checking out the display screen in preparation to get ready to run film.

Christie and Kinohi discuss the take up platter end of things.

No, this is how you are supposed to do it....Konhi tells Christie.....

OK, let me try again....

And down onto the bottom deck.....

Re-winding the Right Eye film for Alien Adventure.

View of the booth from above the Right Eye machine. The next two shots represent a panoramic shot of the booth.

View of Center area of Cinema Development Co.  15/70 3D projection system.

Kinohi attending to rewinding the Right Eye picture for Alien Adventure .

Christie demonstrating the proper technique for cleaning the field flattner lens. This is actually the rear element of the projection lens.

Touching up and inspecting the field flattner.

Re-installing the lens back into the projector. Its showtime!

Special thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen for the pics.