System installation at The Museum Of Ancient Life
Thanksgiving Point, Lehi,Utah.

 This large format theatre had existed barely two years when the 15/70 3D system that was originally installed in Ontario Mills Mall aquired and installed.  The following photos were taken during installation.

In preperation for installing the 15/70 equipment the booth had to be made deeper. These "I" beams were added to the flooring supports to extend the rear wall of the booth out by about 18 inches.

The extended rear wall is shown being put in. This area was primarily to accomodate passing by the platter systems and keeping within fire codes.

The front projection position for both 15/70 machines. The large projection port was enlarged from the existing smallish port for the original 8/70 system. Note that the cross beam was cut out to make room for the port. These cross beams are normally installed in a building as added earthquake protection. The buildings  architect determined it was safe for the contractor to remove this section of beam.

An electrical extra service was brought in as the projectors have the usual amount of support gear that demands a larger feed.

Installation begins in ernest at 5:30 am the first Monday after completion of the booth changes. The first audio rack is brought out of storage and makes its way up to the front of the Museum where the crane operator is getting his crane placed and rigged.

The new screen frame and silver screen arrive from MDI in Canada.

The frame was made in relatively small sections and screen installation people off loaded it by hand, but the crane was required to lift the screen off the flatbed truck.

Riging the first audio rack for lifting inside the booth. The crane used had a 175 foot boom as it was quite a long lift out over the roof to get equipment into the booth.

Up goes the first rack and a quick check for integrity and balance and it was off...

That crane was really huge...couldn't quite get it all in one shot.

Definitely the easiest way to move in 800 lbs of audio rack.

The contractor only had half the hole cut in the roof when the first rack arrived upstairs so they took a break while the racks were coming in.

On this job it all made it safely into the booth.  The crane operator was really good.

Technicians from CDC inspect and unpack the 15/70 platter systems, and projectors upon arrival.

Projection equipment was off loaded with a fork lift and awaits its ride into the booth.

The right size hole for the job! This is the projector podium position...the hole was completely filled with 1/2 and 3/4 inch conduit by the end of the day.

Incoming Left eye projector/platter control cabinet.

CDC technicians inspect the left eye projector control cabinet after placement. The quality of construction of the control cabinets is very evident.

Getting the projector track up on machinery movers and readying it for both 15/70 projectors.

Determining the proper rigging of the projectors was all handled by the crane operator and CDC technicians.

When the first machine was lifted slightly off the ground to check balance there was a huge cracking sound. Note the pallett starting to give out on the sides from the weight of these 2800 lb monsters.

Up and away...the crane operator had determined all was safe and that only the side planks on the pallets were giving under the weight of it all.

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