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IMS2000 - IMB Low Battery (DCP-W030626)

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  • IMS2000 - IMB Low Battery (DCP-W030626)

    We have 10 screens, 6 of them are equipped with Christie CP2215 and Dolby IMS2000.
    Today I noticed that one projector have critical alert "IMB Low Battery".
    After logging to server I got notification: "Status of a sensor has changed: Sensor VOLT MD RTC has triggered an alert. It might result in a system instability and a damage of player component. (DCP-W030626)".
    Currently, MD RTC battery shows 2,66V.
    Everything was switched off during shutdown, but (almost) every week I have been powering projectors for about hour, and every month for approx.24 hours. Every other server is fine.

    Oddly, projector has been running for more than 24 hours before alert showed up. I'll not turn it off before giving it 60 hours to recharge battery.

    What should I do? I'll be grateful for any recommendations.


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    If memory serves correctly, the IMS2000 battery is rechargeable, so what you're doing sounds about right. Run your projector for considerable number of hours, just turning the lamp off instead of the whole thing.

    If that doesn't clear the error, then the battery needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, those batteries aren't field-replaceable, as they're soldered in and removing them will wipe the certificate, so that means it needs to be sent to Dolby in order to do this.


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      Dolby's recommendation is that the IMS2000 should be powered up for "1 day every 2 months" (by which I guess they mean 24 hours) in order to maintain the battery.

      Agreed with Marcel - if doing this and then rebooting does not make the warning go away, it suggests that the rechargeable battery on the board has lost its ability to hold a charge, meaning that the IMS2000 will have to go back to Dolby to have it replaced.


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        During the shutdown. I've been running all IMB (IMS) for 1-hour/day. For conventional servers (HDSDI), I've been running them 1-hour/week. So far, no servers have had issues. Exception to the rule have been that I'm running GDC SX-2001 24/7


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          Maciej, Log into the IMS2000 and download a detailed report from the server. You can send that to your support team or to with the same description you provided here...and our engineers will see what the status of the server is and give you guidance.

          Dolby Labs