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Please what could be the cause of the mask on my screen image.

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  • Please what could be the cause of the mask on my screen image.

    What could be the cause of the red mask on the image. Projecting from a barco DP2k 15cpl projector.
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    start with displaying internal test pattern. The barco framing chart but also the RED/GREEN/BLUE calibration patterns. Also try a different input. That will help pinpointing where the issue is.


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      Thanks Marco, I will try this.


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        Try reseating the ICP board. Most times, I've found this to be the connections between the ICP Board and the signal backplane.


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          Originally posted by Harshitkumar Thakker View Post
          Try reseating the ICP board. Most times, I've found this to be the connections between the ICP Board and the signal backplane.
          But please be aware that opening the card cage will result in a marriage request which requires passwords and a dongle. We cannot give for granted that anybody reading this forum is equipped for that!


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            OK, I'm not sure what a DP2k 15cpl is. Looks like maybe a laser converted 15C?
            I assume the "dongle" is the Dallas Key iButton that should be with the projector. I don't think any integrator would take that, turning a 2 minute phone support call into a tech on site situation. Barco has finally abandoned these things in their recent products.

            But yes, try the test patterns. The "uncorrected" patterns are stored in the light engine and should bypass any ICP problems. The other patterns are stored in the ICP.
            Agree many image corruption issues are resolved by reseating the ICP (board with the bright blue LED) a few times. The hundreds of connections are sensitive to any corrosion. Loosen the screws and pull it out an inch or two then reinsert it a few times. Just be certain that the board is entering the connectors properly to avoid damage.
            You can check patterns before remarrying the projector but it won't show any content. Possibly from DVI but I can't say for sure.
            Marriage is super simple, touch the key to the socket, buttons lights turn amber, enter the passkey via the buttons, buttons flash green and it should be good to go in a few seconds. If they flash red the ibutton is not registered, the passkey is wrong, or the keypad has dead buttons. If it flashes green but never goes to a green tail light the problem will display in diagnostics/actual in Communicator: possibly a bad security switch?
            The early flat number buttons are crap and have probably failed by now. The actual button type hasn't failed in my experience. If they are dead you can do marriage from Communicator unless it's a really old version, in diagnostics/actual again. Enter the passcode and go, you then have about 30 seconds to touch the key to the socket.
            If the key doesn't work you can log in as service technician to Communicator and check that the correct button ID number is saved (tiny numbers on the button face), and revise the 8 number passcode if it's been changed or lost.
            The ibuttons can be found on ebay for cheap if you don't have one, avoiding the Barco price. Then you just have to add it to the key list with Communicator.
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              We cannot just assume that whoever posts here is aware of the need to do the marriage procedure, the need for the dallas key (the dongle) and the password to perform that. Yes Barco has got rid of that but you still need the Service password on your communicator to access that feature. This forum, obviously, doesn't allow to share passwords. So a little warning seems to be the right thing to do.

              You'd be surprised what an integrator would do to charge a "tech on site" instead of a "2 minutes phone call"! You'd also be surprised on how many customers misplace their dallas key/Christie key.


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                I think it's best not to assume that the integrator chose to handicap their client by withholding the ibutton or changing passwords and codes. If that's the case they won't be calling me, at least.
                Reseating a board is not quite rocket science. Yes there are dangers to giving "untrained" people the higher level passwords, I think Barco should have included a lower level account rather than just the basic operator level and the st level that has access to stuff that should definitely not be "adjusted" by fiddly folk. I have had to do a "factory reset" and redo the setup after that happened.
                We train staff on installation and as needed (turnover is an issue) on basic maintenance. If we trust them with the potentially dangerous lamp changing, reseating a board is hardly a big issue.
                I have done work on sites inherited from service contracts where the installer did change passwords and took the ibutton. I restore the passwords and supply one (a dozen is pretty cheap online).
                We prefer to do phone support, avoiding on site trips where possible. Yes there are clients who don't want to even change lamps... if they prefer to pay travel and tech time for me to do it, that's OK.


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                  Can you really earn on service trips? I think, No.
                  Depending on your service contract level it might be contracted to offer a certain reaction and neutralization time. Eventually this only applies to larger commercial chain customers.
                  All others are normally charged "per incidence", and that's a costly situation in this case. And not really a profit maker for the service supplier. Long trips by car, expenses, overtime, not fully covered by the bill issued. I do not like installers, that take keys and change "standard" passwords. They also might be in a situation, where an affiliated tech is sent on site, probably without proper knowledge of local passwords and structures. Not that clever.

                  Back to the problem. Most incidents of this kind I had, could be traced back to contact issues on the backplane. A women among my clients learnt rather quickly, where to "smack" on the boards to reinstitute proper signal flow. The problem occurred, rarely, but mostly during harsher climate changes in autumn and spring. If that didn't help, reseating IMS and ICP helped. Then, you needed the marriage procedure, which is simple as long as the keys work on Barco


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                    I'm sorry but you are assuming things here. I've seen so many times default passwords changed and/or staff breaking their machines because "they didn't know". There is also plenty of integrators charging for travel and/or for telephone support. Eze writes from Nigeria, are we all confident that things are done as in Canada or Germany or the UK there?
                    I am not saying we should not help here, just add a line to say "by the way, bear in mind that the projector will disable itself when you do that so make sure you have knowledge/tools to make it work again".

                    Regarding giving passwords, it's a rule of this forum, not mine.

                    Of course re-seating the ICP (or tap on it as Stefan says) is the first course of action, I just want to make sure Eze is aware of the consequences when the card cage is tampered with.


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                      I agree with Marco. It's not like we're giving advice for someone's home cinema setup. Bad advice can easily create damages in thousands of dollars, so giving potential unsuspecting "dyi" folks some cautionary warnings when they start messing with this stuff is more than warranted.

                      I also largely agree with the rule of this forum of not giving out passwords, although some of them have become defacto common knowledge. Where I disagree with is for stuff that has been years out of support, it *may* serve as kind of archival purpose, to avoid this knowledge getting lost forever in the river of time...

                      But passwords can still be exchanged by way of "P.M.", but keep in mind that some of those credentials might have been trusted you under certain conditions. Be sure not to inflict on them and expose yourself to any potential legal liabilities in that regard.