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MD-100 Monitor speaker

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  • MD-100 Monitor speaker

    Does anyone know what size speaker is in a MS-100 monitor? A remote site says theirs is blown. I realize it's just as likely that the power amp IC is gone but also don't know what was used there.

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    I don't know exactly what size speaker those monitors have, and they are fairly trouble-free.
    I've only had to repair one twice. (not the same one!) Both times the unit was putting out
    raspy, distorted sound, similar to a 'blown speaker' But both times, the speaker was OK.
    In the 1st instance, it was a bad amp chip. I was able to find a generic replacement amp
    IC at Radio Shack, and as far as I know, that unit is still functioning fine today.
    In the 2nd instance, it turned out to be a power supply problem. Sound was "OK" at
    lower volume, but at high volume or loud peaks, there was severe distortion. Another
    trip to a nearby Radio Shack to get a couple of replacement capacitors fixed it just fine.

    (and I really miss Radio Shack & Fry's Electronics for stuff like this!)
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      It was a full range JBL speaker. Usually it is the contacts of the IC that have issues or the pot or selector switch


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        Component Engineering in Seattle may still have parts or at least some advice. 206 284 9171 if memory serves.