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  • Gofilex instructions

    We're a community cinema showing up to 4 films (each for 2 shows normally) & some alternative content per month. Delivery costs for hard drives add a huge overhead so we were overjoyed to find out about e-delivery via Gofilex at zero cost. Trouble is our broadband speed averages 35-40Mbps so a feature takes hours to download. However the only information about using the system from Wikihelp is next to useless. So we select a feature to download and instead of starting the system reports it's Queued - what does this mean and how do we change the status??

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    Hi Charles,

    Are you using the cinema tool to start the download? My understanding of ‘queued’ items is it means that something is already transferring to you via electronic delivery, and the download begins once that has finished.

    Did you have to put a delivery date on the portal before starting the download?


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      Hi Matt,
      Yes - clicking download on the Portal. We have been using a PC on a network and even with no other active users the internet keeps dropping out leading to failure. So we will try to fix that by attaching a laptop directly into the router which should result in a more stable connection. We haven't put any delivery dates into the system but find that trailers tend to auto load even though this option is disabled.


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        Have you received an e-mail from Gofilex that the download is ready with the link? This should open the cinema tool where you chose which folder to download to on the PC and start the download.

        I think maybe the queued message might mean here that the content is queued for transfer on Gofilex’s side. I looked at the ‘How to transfer content using the Cinema Tool’ on the wiki which might help you?