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DATASAT AP25 automation buttons status

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  • DATASAT AP25 automation buttons status

    Hi there!

    Recently i did some installation and as always when doing with all ready installed light system, curtain etc I do use my own development controller. As there is AP25 in booth I went to use automation buttons, so they can control stuff, to avoid adding another panel. To make things short, when some press buttons it sends command true TCP to my controller to do something, at moment of pressing button becomes green and than get back to gray. So, my controller does have response either control was success or no and sends it back. So, I am interested can i trigger somehow status that if response was OK that button stays green, or if not, it get back to gray.....
    I did check manual but did not have found anything like that.....other option, that just cross my mind is that i configure MACRO with same name as my response and every time I get response to set variable to 1, than I need to have something which will change status of button, color would be ok, or even text......

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    I think these software buttons do not have that kind of functionality associated with them. In other words, an AP25 is not a Q-SYS...


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      That's what I did tought also. But, since it does have some extended functions regarding general automation, for example like variable states and so, i tought there could be something to do and use it, rather than adding adittional touch screen near.


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        Like Carsten indicated, I don't think there is any API to control the underlying behavior of those buttons. They're essentially "fire and forget" and there is simply no interface to process any response into those visual cues. You'll need a more intricate command and control interface like Crestron or like Carsten indicated, Q-SYS to be able to do such stuff.


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          True, but since they made such extended automation for audio processor unit, i tought they could add that too.