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Online Training During Downtime (Trinnov and others)

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  • Online Training During Downtime (Trinnov and others)

    It seems I know a lot of people like myself who suddenly have a little more downtime. I am hoping to use some of that downtime for learning, for myself and to make the same suggestion to my team members. Does anyone know cinema specific online training courses?

    I am offering training for interested parties who find themselves installing Trinnov Ovation 2 processors, or are likely to in the future. I can also do a condensed training for people who are interested in general. Below is the text from an email I have been sending to installers:

    As a side effect of suspending travel and many commercial cinemas closing, we have had to rethink ways to use our time in the current situation. We have tested and will offer one on one Ovation 2 wizard training to cinema engineers, using our test room in Paris with remote access.

    This is how it works:

    Mike can connect to our test system in Paris. The engineer can connect to my computer with Google Remote Desktop and “drive” the wizard and VNC menus.

    Additional voice communication via Google Hangouts Meet, Skype, phone, Whatsapp or other mutually agreed format.

    We are set up to train for 5.1 bi amp, 7.1 bi amp, and additional formats using bi amp surrounds, as well as side and back wall subwoofers.

    PM me to schedule a training session. Requirements:

    A decent internet connection
    Google Remote Desktop for Chrome plug in
    Google Hangouts Meet, or another mutually agreed voice app
    (the calendar event we send will have a link to Google Hangouts Meet, which works well so far)

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    Along these lines, while we have not created any official online "training", we are very willing to work with anyone whose has an interest in expanding their knowledge of our products. INTEG has complied with local, state and federal initiatives to disperse the population. We have completely closed our facilities. There is no production nor any shipments. Phones go to messaging. But, both Kevin and Tony are fully available (working remotely) to support issues with our JNIOR products. Our support is free of charge as most of you are already aware. We all have more time on our hands so why not keep some interaction going?

    You do not have to have an issue. Feel free to contact them (perhaps chat on the website is easiest to start) with questions even if that is something along the lines of "What else can I do with this thing?". Or, just tell us that you are still here!

    The JNIOR is used in many other markets although Cinema is the largest for us. It is not a cinema product but a generic controller. So there is a lot of capability and flexibility to do other things. Something new might later benefit cinema installations. There is a lot you can do without buying another thing.

    For instance, did you know that you can easily add a temperature sensor to any JNIOR and remotely access the temperature with no programming or disruption of the other things the unit does? Of course you need a sensor and we can't ship you one for a bit, unfortunately. But not only can you see the temperature but there is an application you can add that logs the temperature and you can bring up plots. We've used this to diagnose HVAC issues even in our office. We put a temp sensor both on the input and output side of the coil for the air conditioner in the air handler. With this we were able to not only see when the a/c was running but how well it was performing. Our problem was that the R22 charge was contaminated and it would work just fine until the roof temperature got high enough to cause it to break down. It was immediately obvious, we evacuated the system and added a fresh R22 charge and there were no more cooling issues. JNIOR to the rescue. You all have cooling concerns.

    Find your way to the Knowledge Base on our site ( or which are the same these days). These articles are not hype. Technically, they might be interesting to you. Something there might lead you to have questions. Or, maybe even want to argue.

    But if you have time on your hands and want to chat about anything, you should feel free to contact the guys. We really are concerned about all of you and just hearing from you might just help keep us going.

    Purchasing people should touch base with Amy via email. Again, just to keep in touch during this crisis.


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      Great offerings. Maybe I get my hands back on our JNIORs in my ample spare time now...

      All the best - to everyone!


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        I'm presently working through the Level 1 Cinema Q-Sys training. It's free which was a great feature given that our revenues are non-existant at the moment.

        I'd also be interested in a good JNIOR 101. I'm sure there are loads of features that are available that would be great to be able to play with.

        I'm also wanting to brush up on my CAD skills over the next couple months and wonder if anyone knows of some good online resources, other than youtube videos, that could be of use. I studied CAD in college some 20 years ago now and a good refresher would be quite helpful.


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          I'm doing the Q-Sys advanced control videos, and if this drags on, am going to start getting to grips with Lua scripting, too. Likewise, I'd also be interested in some online CAD training resources.