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    We’re excited to announce that Ed and Rae Coman are retiring this month and have sold the Omniterm business to Jonas Software. Ed and Rae are known for their dedication to the cinema market, starting with Cineplex’s first multiplex theatre at the Toronto Eaton Centre in the 1970’s and for their commitment to our customers. We wish Ed and Rae all the best as they move into this stage of their lives after 43 years in business!

    If you’re unfamiliar with Jonas Software, they are a unique operating division of Constellation Software Inc, listed on the Toronto stock exchange and the second largest software company in Canada. Jonas Software operates over 100 independently managed software brands around the world in 30+ vertical markets.

    Jonas Software’s business model has three aspects that will benefit everyone in the Omniterm family:
    • Forever Investor – Jonas has a buy-and-hold strategy and in 15 years of operations has never sold an acquisition. They make investments in companies for the long-term and so are committed to adding value to the products and customers.
    • Build on Success – Omniterm will continue to be the same brand and group that pioneered the POS system for the North American theatre industry. The solutions and team that is supporting you will remain unchanged.
    • Industry Best Practices - Omniterm will join Jonas Software’s Ticketing and Attractions vertical under Portfolio Manager, Mike Korbel. We are excited to benefit from Jonas’ best practices and access to a wider team and expertise that will accelerate our growth.

    As part of the change, I will be taking on the responsibility as Vice President, Customer Success and ensuring that new and old users continue to receive the support, service and expertise from the Omniterm products and team.
    Mike Richards as Vice President, Software Development will lead the IT and Development team. In addition, all of our support and operations staff are all staying on board. The acquisition will strengthen our software development capabilities and allow us to provide additional software features tailored to the cinema market. The team here is extremely excited on what the future holds.

    Over the next few months, you’ll see small changes in some of the systems and administration however at this time please continue to support Omniterm by using the same communication methods as before. Omniterm as part of Jonas Software is eager to face the challenges of the industry, develop new software features and to serve our growing customer base.

    Ed is working with us through the transition period and we would like to schedule a call to introduce you to Mike Korbel from Jonas Software. Please let me know some days/times that are suitable next week. In the meantime if there are any immediate questions then please let me know.

    Darrin Lewis
    Director of Sales and Marketing