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Looking toward the end of the Coronavirus shutdown - Making plans, doing projects?

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    The rows will be farther apart, better for keeping people a little farther apart (that stigma is NOT going to go away very soon...
    You make a good point Mike. I would use it when talking to "the banker" as a selling point. I came across an interview of the 1918 pandemic survivor who said that things did not return to normal for about four years.

    Memories were so deep in their mind of those that survived or they didn't get it, they were reticent I would say to about 1922 there about, where people were willing again to go back to congregating and feel at ease in church or in school.
    - William Sardo (94 year old survivor of 1918 pandemic in an interview in 2015)


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      They didn't have Vaccines back then. Psychologically, after a long phase of social isolation, the moment you receive your dose, you feel free to do whatever you want. Even if it takes a few weeks for the Vaccine to become effective.