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Corona Virus Effect On Theatres In The USA

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  • Scott Jentsch
    How is everyone handling the inevitable impact this will have on attendance? Are you taking special measures to decrease the possibility of exposure for customers and employees, and/or to increase customer confidence to continuing to go to the movies?

    Are you cleaning touch surfaces more, and are you doing it obviously, so that people see that you're making a special effort to keep things clean? I think Disney's statement was very effective at communicating that their parks are kept clean and the steps that they are taking in light of current events.

    I would think that those reusable popcorn tubs that are popular with quite a few chains will need to be suspended, or at least handled in such a way to minimize the transfer of germs from customers to employees to food, etc.

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  • Mitchell Dvoskin
    started a topic Corona Virus Effect On Theatres In The USA

    Corona Virus Effect On Theatres In The USA

    I was just wondering if the Corona virus is having an effect on attendance here in the USA?

    I am on the email list for The Lafayette Theatre in Suffern NY, a 1000 seat single screen first run venue. Yesterday, I got the following email from them:

    Originally posted by Mitchell Dvoskin from the Lafayette Theatre email
    In light of the current situation in our community, the Lafayette Theater is committed to doing our part to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our measures are guided by information provided by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local and state recommendations, and our own determination of how to keep an environment that is mindful of the risks around this virus spreading.

    - Going forward we are limiting the number of tickets available for each public showing to 100 attendees. This will allow for our patrons to have ample space to spread out within our theater and keep crowding to a minimum in the lobby. Private rentals will be at the discretion of the respective client.

    - We encourage online purchasing of tickets through our website, to ensure seating availability for the desired showing. The following link will be updated real time with all available showtimes of both first-run and classic films. Click on desired date and showtime to Purchase Online Tickets.

    - When possible, please use credit cards for purchasing concessions to help avoid the circulation of cash.

    - All communal areas, bathrooms, lobby and the main theater are regularly cleaned by staff using a variety of disinfectant cleaners to assist in stopping the spread of germs. This includes seats used by patrons in between showings.

    To support our efforts, we encourage our patrons to follow CDC recommendations posted in our bathrooms and lobby. Soap and hand sanitizer are readily available for use by our guests.
    Please take these additional steps to protect others in our Lafayette community:

    - If you or someone in your household is sick, stay home. We know that COVID-19 can be transmitted through coughing and sneezing (though sneezing not necessarily a symptom), and suggest that if either are occurring, please refrain from attending the Lafayette.
    While limiting attendance to 100 people in a 1000 seat theatre, so people can spread out, may work in their location it does not seem to be a practical solution for most venues. Further, I have to wonder how are distributors going react to limiting attendance to 100/per showing.