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USB (audio) Media Player suggestions needed!

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    you end up with a USB flash drive sticking out of the front of that unit just begging to be broken off in the slot when someone brushes up against it?
    You can buy "L-shaped" adaptors. It's basically a male USB plug with a female USB socket mounted on it at 90 degrees, so your USB drive would then be oriented flat against the front of the device, rather than sticking out. I used one of these when I had a computer with a USB socket that was up against a wall and I needed to be able to plug into it easily. Just search "USB L adaptor" on your favorite computer supply place.


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      Wow, this discussion has picked up some momentum, which is one of the many things I like about this forum!

      There are too many comments to try to quote here, but I will answer some of the key points.

      Carsten: I am wanting to get away from the whole Apple environment. You are correct that second hand iPods are dirt cheap, but my two beefs are with how clunky iTunes is to use and navigate (and don't get me started on the sync interface), and this particular iPod is not the first one I've had similar issues with. (Both it and iTunes have up to date software/firmware). I am also trying to find a solution that will easily let me add new songs randomly without having to re-sync the entire system. With a USB and mp3 setup, that is a few drag and drops on the laptop, and I don't have to re-sync the entire drive to add or delete a few songs. And I don't have (or have ever had really) a need for Album covers, etc. I really don't need playlists either.

      Marcel and Frank: I am not the least bit worried about having to carry multiple media USBs as the issue arose from my iPod having three playlists: Motocross, which is music I cleared as suitable for playing to g-PG audience; General playlist which has ALL albums/songs including live albums from Metallica, GnR, etc. which are definitely not suitable for all audiences with the exception of the third playlist which is the Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem) for the pre race opening. I want to totally separate those three on color coded USB sticks to prevent a repeat of what happened. The iPod in question has jumped playlists at random on more than one occasion, and will repeat play the Anthem despite that playlist being locked to play once. It also twice got hung up repeating the same songs multiple times, even though repeat is off and shuffle is on.

      The Denon Marcel linked is an excellent unit, the speedway up the hill from the mx track has one. I considered seeing if the mx club wanted to pony up for one, but the radio (both AM and FM, and AM is the kiss of death around mx bikes) and CD drive makes it too tempting for some to try to reprogram the music during the event. I could mount it in the locked area with the sound rack, but that won't stop access by the crew as most have keys to that door. And it is pricey. (But I would gladly use it in my own home media rack.) By using a player that only takes cards or USB sticks, not too many people would bother carrying or making them, so it is the "safest" option IMHO.

      Anyways, let's keep it rolling and if anyone in their searches comes up with other options, list 'em here! If I eventually find an option that works (So far Frank's SanClip seems the best, but as I brought up, the newest models seem to have reliability issues) I will update this here.


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        Wouldn't a basic laptop computer with USB ports an two channel analog audio output work for this application? Probably one is sitting around unused and available. . . . .Paul Finn


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          Originally posted by Paul Finn View Post
          Wouldn't a basic laptop computer with USB ports an two channel analog audio output work for this application? Probably one is sitting around unused and available. . . . .Paul Finn
          Paul, for reasons of available space (see post#6) and possible tampering (I could see someone trying to surf the 'net or whatever and interrupting playback, or worse, putting the audio from a video through the P.A.), that would not work.

          The tower usually has at least 4-7 people up there during the race: The boss man, on one computer tied to the scoring system; the "official" scorekeeper, on the second laptop tied to scoring, two lap counters who score each race manually to backup the computers; and two or three runners to take results sheets down to the sign up building for posting on the board. It is absolute chaos up there, with a LOT of yakking, which is why I announce with a wireless from the infield.

          Another computer in the mix would just be too tempting and impractical.

          That said, I have considered the idea in the past, and did a test run at one track. I had set up a "playlist" that was easily searchable and accessible so I could pick songs based on which class of riders was on the track.

          But I found that trying to juggle the music and keep an eye on the track, plus announce, was too much. Maybe someday if I can do a two-person show, I could have them operate the music as I do the commentary.


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            I’d buy a used brightsign on ebay, something like an HD222. I’ve also played around a bit with the Micca Speck G2, haven’t used it long term but seemed ok for the price. I like the brightsigns better but that’s because I’ve seen those run for years without failure


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              Abraham, thanks. The HD22 does not accept a USB stick, and I am looking for audio only. But the Micca Speck is interesting, and it says it supports mp3/mp4, and the price is right. I may try one of those out.