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Windows Ends Installation Path for Free Windows 7/8 Upgrade

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    Back to W-11... All I can say is stay with W-10 for as long as you can. It is possible to make W-11 look and work like W-10 by doing some simple registry changes, but then along comes some updates and it's back to the W11 look and function again. So W-10 resides under 11 to a great degree, which I find interesting. And of course, MS changed those registries to something different, so the changes for W10 functionality no longer work.

    W-11 also works just fine on older computers if you do the install via Rufus. The one I'm experimenting with has a 5th gen Intel processor.

    So either get used to the way 11 functions, or stay with 10.


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      Or you could try this.


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        Already have two other music servers running Linux, so no interest in Unix, at least right now. I was just interested to see why everyone hates 11 so much.
        Now I know.
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