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Roller Derby Star 'Jerry Cattell' Has Died April 13 2020

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  • Roller Derby Star 'Jerry Cattell' Has Died April 13 2020

    My friend the big blonde Roller Derby star with the San Francisco Bay Bombers 'Jerry Cattell' has moved on today to the big rink in the heavens. Many of you may have watched these Roller Derby® shows on TV in the late 1960's & 70's and some rare classic 16mm prints are up on E Bay at times.

    Jerry Seltzer the owner of Roller Derby® died a few years ago and was a smart business person filming live TV skating most of the old derby shows in B&W and sending them all over the world on film from kinescope or 16mm film to hundreds of TV stations. He also did the same thing with TV wrestling. They were a big hit on Sat night TV stations.

    Jerry Cattell was one of my first roomates in the late early 1970's in Oakland CA with a brand new house on Skyline Blvd that four of us rented out. He was so much fun and loved to give big disco parties. I always remembered when he took off on the road for games all over the USA he would lock his bedroom door up and did not give anyone a key! I asked him If the fire dept ever had to come how would they get in, He just said let them break the door down.

    MR Cattell got in many fights for the arena crowd and TV fans and always told me after getting his nose broken many times It was not all that staged. It was a fast rough sport at times. The Roller girls also got in many cat fights.

    When Jerry hung up his skates he ran a store in Oakland that sold used slot machines. A few years ago he moved out of town in with friends that could look after him as he developed early stages of dementia.

    So long my friend Jerry Cattell may you skate forever in the skies.

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    I do remember those old Roller Derby TV shows, mostly because my brother was a really big fan of them & watched them all the time. I'm sorry for your loss.