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  • He must be negotiating with Comac then.


    • They don't offer the option of putting a credit card reader on the door to the restroom, so he isn't interested.


      • Wait, what? They didn't allow for AliExpress-powered after-market alterations?

        If it was for O'Leary, he'll make you pay for the privilege of being able to sit down on a plane...


        • WipeMe.jpg


          • 3bc6a4a07003013a9863005056a9545d.gif


            • This is very spot on...!!!
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              • whisky-vending-machine-inside.jpg

                She looks like this isn't her first visit to the machine...


                • Originally posted by Leo Enticknap View Post
                  She looks like this isn't her first visit to the machine...

                  Do they do free refills?


                  • A well placed rifle shot by a vandal in Kingsland, AK (birthplace of Johnny Cash)
                    caused this "Cash-flow problem" in the town's water tower. The tower had to be
                    partly emptied so welders could make repairs. The vandal has been caught, and
                    although not yet charged with any crime, officials say he most likely will be sued
                    for the cost of repairing the leak, and will get a big friggin' water bill for the appx
                    30,000gal that was drained so that it could be fixed.

                    > While I certainly don't condone such behavior, ya' gotta admit that the bullet hole
                    and the photo are both "good shots
                    " loljJimC


                    • screaming-skull-movie-poster-1958-1020143974.jpg
                      Now there's a fantastic free offer.


                      • Funerals aren't immune to inflation so it'll probably look better and better as the year goes on.


                        • 2312539.gif
                          I gotta remember that line for the next time I'm playing a chop-em-up movie.


                          • I like to munch on these little licorice lobsters.
                            They're a great "booth snack" while working.


                            But I think sometimes not all of them come out of
                            the candy mold exactly right. While most of them do
                            somewhat anatomically resemble lobsters. . . some of
                            them seem to resemble another form of anatomy.


                            . . . or have I just been living in San Francisco too long?
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                            • false_alarm.PNG

                              I bet that whoever made that 911 call is now feeling a tad embarrassed...

                              And from a recent breakdown call:


                              An Ushio DXL-40BAF that, per the diagnostic package of the projector it came out of, had done 10,702 hours and nine years (residence theater, so low hours per year). The warranty is to 1,300 hours and two years! We were only called because the owner started to notice a flicker. I'm 99% sure that's genuine, because the serial number on the box I found next to the projector is the same as the one our records indicate we sold them in 2013. I don't think the lamp was changed between then and now, and whoever changed it failed to record the new lamp details in Communicator.

                              Given how fragile that lamp must be, I was relieved to get it into its condom and the thing sealed. Couldn't resist taking a pic just before doing so, though.
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                              • I pulled one out of a projector that had been there for over 6,000.
                                Knowing how that one was, I can only imagine what yours must have been like.

                                I got called to a theater that had repeated complaints of a dim picture in one auditorium but nobody ever thought to inform me until now. There were a couple of booth people standing around when I opened the lamphouse and looked inside.

                                I slowly closed the door, turned around to wave the others away and I said, "I think you kids should go downstairs, now..."