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    I got these wire strippers at a Chinese "99¢ Store" here in SF.
    (Or, technically, in China, that would be a "6.40¥ Store")

    I had actually used the tool about half-a-dozen
    times before I noticed this- LoL!



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      I find that Chinglish like this can draw you into a false sense of skepticism, as well as of security. I look at the Google translate-produced instruction sheet, conclude that the object it describes has to be no-name garbage ... but actually, it's of decent materials, produced, and put together. The thing is that there is no consistency, or reliability. Those strippers could turn out to be every bit as good as ones bought from Home Depot for $40, or they could become as blunt as to be unusable within a couple of weeks.


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        Anyone heterosexual living on this street must find that the jokes they end up on the receiving end of get pretty old, pretty quickly, I'd guess.


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          Apparently people living there have trouble with mail ordering sometimes. "Your address is what?? Sure it is, buddy." *click*

          They also have to weld the street signs to the posts so they don't get stolen.


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            On the road approaching the village of Shitterton, in south-west England, a steel sign announcing the name of the village had to be replaced with this...


            ...because every time they replaced the regular sign, it would barely last a couple of days before being dug out and stolen by souvenir hunters.


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              In Newfoundland, Spread Eagle overlooks Conception Bay and it's near Dildo.

              But if you come to Saskatchewan you'll find Love! And Big Beaver, Little Bone and Climax.

              Canada Post gave the village of Love it's own unique postmark (a teddy bear holding a heart) so all kinds of people send valentines there to have them postmarked and sent on.

              It's apparently a "thing" for teens who pass by Climax to post "We've reached Climax".


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                Don't forget Intercourse, Pennsylvania!


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                  Butt Hole Road is the former name of a street in Conisbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. The short residential street gained fame for its suggestive name and was frequented by tourists who would stop to take photos by its street sign. Residents living on the street experienced issues with their address, as they were refused services due to the name and were the target of pranks and jokes. After privately raising funds for a new street sign and seeking approval from the local government, residents had the name of the street changed in 2009.


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                      Did John Cage write that? In a similar vein...


                      A Vuvuzela is a type of horn indigenous to South Africa, which came to global prominence due to its use by spectators in the 2010 World Cup.

                      On another note...


                      Either someone at Southwest was blissfully unaware that "NFG" can also have a very different meaning to the one intended, or they have a similar sense of humor to mine...


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                        I got one of thse NFG packages from Southwest too awhile back. It was an emergency shipment of the "FROZEN" DCP, sent up from Los Angeles for a pre-release press screening to replace the first DCP they sent which had some corrupted files and wouldn't play. When I saw the package, the I remember thinking (with obtuse humor) "Oh, great- - The the first DCP they sent was NFG, and now they're sending me another one!" - - Fortunately, the 2nd DCP was not NFG, since it arrived only about 10min before show time, so with no time to ingest, I had to do a 'live play' show. I saved the bag though, just for fun, and I occasionally use it to lug DCP boxes over to the Fed-X place to ship back.


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                          In case you overslept and missed the "Blood Moon Eclipse" around 4am
                          (Pacific Time) this morning, here's a picture I took from the fire escape
                          on my building, just before the Moon was completely covered in shadow.



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                            From the 1942 Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog:




                            "Fuzzy wuzzy" is a racial slur in British slang, though I've never heard it used as such here.


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                                At the risk of veering into religious territory, there is also a now infamous hymn by Graham Kendrick that includes the line "If I was a fuzzy wuzzy bear." Its infamy derives from the fact that it earned Kendrick a chapter in Fifty People Who Buggered Up Britain (i.e. contributed to what the author considers to be the UK's cultural decline), and by so doing, became a focus for people who don't like Christian rock. The use of "fuzzy wuzzy" as a racist term died out of the mainstream about a generation before Kendrick's, so he likely simply didn't know. I remember my grandparents using it, though, so in 1942 it would have been very much live.