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          At least someone appreciates tube amps, even if the rest of my family think that this is a geeky fuss about nothing, and that cellphones sound just as good:



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            I bet your kitten appreciates the fact that vacuum tubes get nice and WARM!

            Our cat recognizes the sound of the thermostat clicking on and goes to sit next to the heater vent when he hears it.

            Sometimes, pets can be smarter than we give them credit for!


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              He likes to wrap his paws around the 6P15s, which supports your warmth theory. However, as soon as any sounds starts playing, he's outta there. He hasn't quite figured out that the tubes starting to glow orange means that the noise he doesn't like is imminent.

              Meanwhile, Tarantino storyboards his first Shakespeare adaptation:



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                You know, cats can hear into the ultrasonic or near-ultrasonic frequency range. They can hear the sounds of mice and other small animals that we can only perceive as faint squeaks or chirps.

                I don't know if it's true but I can guess that your cat might be able to hear the ringing of the vacuum tubes as the filaments heat up and that might be a tempting sound to him. He might think it sounds like prey. I'm not certain of this but, from what I have read, I think that it might be possible. If it is true, that could explain why he seems so interested in your tube amp and it could also explain why he bolts when you play sounds through it.

                He might be attracted to sounds he hears coming from the tubes then he might be startled by the sound of music playing unexpectedly.


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                  I've just checked if warming your fancy tube amp is part of his plot to kill you. I guess as long as he's not sleeping on it, it's still in premature stages, but I'd keep an eye on it...


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                    Originally posted by Randy Stankey
                    I don't know if it's true but I can guess that your cat might be able to hear the ringing of the vacuum tubes as the filaments heat up and that might be a tempting sound to him.
                    If so, possibly a male/female cat hearing thing?

                    He's one of a litter of four. A pregnant stray showed up in our yard in September, and we adopted her. She gave birth a week and a half later: the kittens are now 12 weeks old. We're in the process of trying to find homes for them now. MommaCat is staying with us, but this'll make four resident felines here, which is both the practical and legal (per City of Loma Linda bylaws) limit.


                    TubeAmpKit is the one with his back to the camera. The others have shown no interest in it whatsoever, and they're all female.


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                      I've never read whether males have better hearing vs. females. I would guess that the hunting instinct would be stronger in females but males might be more outgoing and willing to investigate new things.

                      All four of the cats might be able to hear (if cats can, indeed, hear that sound) but the other three might shy away from it or else they just might not give a damn about it.

                      That's a cat, for ya'!


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                        Public health experts drafting the latest lockdown regulations:



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                            Many lockdown-rules are based upon some arbitrary chosen numbers. While I understand that you need to draw a line somewhere, the outcome of all those measures also seems to be rather arbitrary.

                            Making decisions based on flawed assumptions can only lead to flawed decisions, that's why I've decided to outsource my decision making to the Universal Decision Maker. Maybe those lawmakers implementing lockdowns should do the same, as tossing a virtual coin with a random outcome, will probably lead to better results than tossing a coin by committee.


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