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  • nick-anderson-source-counterpoint-media.jpg


    • pizza_hut_sign_typo-e1706725169307.jpg
      Sign on the door at the Pizza Hut in Timmins Ontario.


      • Interesting use of scale and perspective.

        The bear in first photo makes this guy's room look like a dollhouse. The second photo shows what the sizes actually are.


        The Costco bear is 7'9".

        The pianos are actually 5'11" and 9'2", and you see just the 9'2" one in the second photo.​

        He says that he just put the bear on the piano for the picture; he uses it as a bass trap in the room since it looks more interesting than anything else he could find.


        • If the guy would trade in that Bosie for a Steinway he might not need to have a base trap in the room.

          Bosendorfers have a stronger low end than Steinways. They've got 97 keys (on the Imperial) and the sound board resonates the low notes more. Steinways are stronger in the mid range. It has to do with the fact that Steinway uses one, heavy single piece of wood that's been steam bent to form the outer rim. Bosies have a thinner rim that's been pieced together.

          If you play more traditional, classical music the Bosendorfer might be a better fit but the Steinway would be a better fit for Jazz and other modern styles.

          However, if the guy's got the money to buy two pianos, each costing as much as a quarter million dollars, I think he should have the funds to give the room some better acoustic treatment instead of using a giant teddy bear as a sound dampener.

          Unless, of course, the guy spent all his money on expensive pianos...


          • It's my understanding that used full-sized concert grand pianos can sometimes be bought cheaply (relatively) because so few people have the room and the desire to have one that it's a really limited market.

            That Bosie was apparently intended for a concert hall because it has the brand name written on the side.

            Which doesn't mean that it was actually cheap. I'm sure cost of those pianos exceeded the price of a lot of houses. Probably costs a good chunk on an ongoing basis for maintenance, too. You aren't going to have one of those and let it go out of tune.


            • I was thinking the same. Having a concert grand likely doubles the value of your house! In his case, triple!

              Gosh! I hope that he's a professional, concert pianist or something. At least, he'd better play the piano a lot!


              • image.png
                This is definitely ​the better more realistic version of this comic


                • With those instruments, one could play Vaughan Williams' Concerto for Two Pianos in your living room! Wait ... you'd have to fit the orchestra in there, somewhere.

                  The cat on the baby grand looks like a dead ringer for one of ours:


                  However, she can't stand even the slightest noise, and can only really relax in a room with almost complete silence. So the chances of her sitting on top of a piano are about as high as those of Taylor Swift selling her private jet and flying Southwest.
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                  • A long haired cat sleeping on a piano?! We have two short haired cats that are pretty light shedders but, when we run the vacuum, we still clean up enough cat hair to knit a whole, new cat!

                    Can you just imagine what the inside of that Bosie would look like with a long haired cat sleeping on it and, occasionally, crawling inside. Cats love those kinds of places to hide out.

                    And the guy was worried about BASS??


                    • We nickname this gal the Roomba wrecker, for exactly the reason you note. While she's shedding, the Roomba will last about 6-7 minutes in our bedroom before the shaft of the main brush roller clogs up with kitty fur to the point of stopping and throwing a hissy fit consisting of bleeps and multiple error codes. I then have to strip the thing down (as in, every rotating part has to be removed from the chassis and the cat hair manually removed from its shaft), before it is usable again.


                      • We have an upright vacuum cleaner with a removable dust container. It takes one trip around the living room before it needs to be emptied. Then, it needs to be emptied after sweeping the hall, the stairs and each of the upstairs rooms. There's enough fur to make a whole new cat!

                        Can you just imagine what the action of a grand piano would look like after a cat has been sleeping inside?


                        • It looks like the lid is closed, but even so, point taken.

                          Inspired by Frank's "unforeseen circumcisions" (a nasty accident involving a stand mixer?), there was a classic Freudian slip on the talk radio station I often listen to driving to and from service calls the other day. On the 22 freeway in Orange County there is an exit to Chapman Avenue. Traffic report: "...and on the 22 westbound, an accident involving a semi and an Amazon van has the off-ramp at Crapman totally closed..."


                          • The 70's were so much fun!

                            (Ad from an Oct 1975 issue of BOXOFFICE magazine.)

                            Reading 'between the lines' of the ad, I believe this thing did nothing more
                            than put a 60hz hum into your system, which you probably could have easily
                            done by disconnecting you're amps input ground. The ad sez that the hum
                            "will cause damaged speakers to rattle & be distorted". Also, a disclaimer
                            at the bottom of the ad advises "Not recommended for amplifier with transistor
                            output stages


                            • 2788771.jpg
                              Can any of you folks do it without having to consult google for a list of songs?

                              I can't.


                              • image.png​
                                ...or, will we make it to the hospital before it goes up like the Hindenburg?