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  • In defense of Fahrenheit...



    • Originally posted by Randy Stankey View Post
      THIS is showmanship!


      Randy, But now that machine is just another feature on your phone...


      • typo.jpg

        The G key is immediately above the B, so I can see how this happened. What makes it worse is that "bog" in British slang means a toilet.


        • Operator cartoon.jpg
          From Motiograph's Sound Track Theatre Book


          • Very Late One NIght Last Week On My Way Home, I Saw This:

            I Passed By There Again Earlier Tonight, & I Looked Like This:

            The building being used as a "screen" is The Hobart Building in downtown San
            Francisco. It was designed & built by architect WIllis Polk in 1914, and still has a
            lot of its' original interior architecture intact. One of the screening rooms I work at
            is located inside. When it was built, there was another, shorter, building right along
            side of it, which was torn down some time in the 1960's or 70's- - which is why one
            side of the lower part Hobart Bldg has this 10 or 12 story trapezoidal flat side with
            no windows, which make a perfect surface for this holiday projection project!


            • Originally posted by Tim Reed View Post
              [From Motiograph's Sound Track Theatre Book
              Tim- I've got that same book. I found mine in a used book store about a decade ago.
              I bought it not only for the great photos and tech info about old equipment, but also
              for all the corny cartoons it had inside too. The one below is one of my favorites:


              If you want to learn more than you'll probably ever need to know about circa 1940's vintage
              projection & sound equipment, there's a pretty good scan of the book at the Internet Archive



              • pubic_places.jpg

                And there was me thinking that what one got up to in one's bedroom was one's own business! Allowed or not, it sounds painful.


                • Reminds me of the old joke:

                  Q: Do you smoke after sex?

                  A: I never looked.


                  • image_2174.jpg

                    When I worked at UC Irvine and projector #2 threw a fit, I called it an "Ausfart" (not the correct German spelling) which I thought meant a certain body part. Then one show when I had a student guest learning film projection, the machine acted up again and I called it Ausfart, he asked me why I called the projector a driveway?
                    Last edited by Tony Bandiera Jr; 12-19-2022, 12:39 PM.


                    • Tony- I had an uncle who was of Germanic heritage and worked as an engineer & I remember
                      seeing that sign in his home workshop at least 30 or more years ago. . . and it's still funny.
                      Tnx for posting! I've also seen it in an automobile shop that specialized in German cars.


                      • 20221219_221051.jpg


                        • Who hasn't?


                          • Many years ago when I worked at the Laemmle Grande, I was told by floor staff to go to Theatre 1's port and look down. There was a couple in the very back row right below the port engaged in a rather frenzied sex act.

                            I had to seriously resist the urge to grab the film running above my head (platter was on the operator's side), tearing it just to trigger the house lights, thus getting the attention of the 10 other patrons... (The movie was one of Woody Allen's yawnfests, so I cut them some slack.)

                            That couple was later banned from the theatre as they had left a "mess" behind which thankfully was not my duty to clean up.


                            • Originally posted by Tony Bandeira Jr
                              There was a couple in the very back row right below the port engaged in a rather frenzied sex act. [...] The movie was one of Woody Allen's yawnfests...
                              Was there about a 40-year age gap between the two partners in the back row?

                              In any case, their antics would have added the rear surround channels to Allen's mono movie...


                              • slaughter.jpg

                                Having a name like that is a bit of a challenge if you want to be taken seriously as an anti-death penalty campaigner...