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  • Nobody

    "Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherfucker!"

    That covers this movie in one line. An ultra-violent movie with a sense of humour to keep everything fun.

    You get exactly what you see on the tin when you come to see Nobody. Bob Odenkirk is all beat up on the poster, and that covers the movie quite well.

    Rootin' and tootin' and shootin'.

    Really good music ranging from a Tchaikovsky piano concerto to Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker.

    There are some fun sight gags here and there too -- a big and bloody fight in front of a "Safety is job number one!" sign for one.

    I like it, and everyone who comes to see this one leaves with a smile. You aren't coming to this movie for a complex story; if you are, boy are you at the wrong movie.

    At the end it's all set up for a sequel. Just wait until they make that sequel and decide to call it Nothing. What's playing this week? Nothing.

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    I saw Nobody yesterday afternoon at Harkins Northfield, on their giant Cine-Capri screen. There were two other people in an auditorium that seats hundreds, and they were miles away from me. Picture and sound were excellent.

    I enjoyed it for what it was. There were many great moments of dark humor, and the film-making was taut and tight. It felt a little too much like The A-Team in the third act, but it was still fun.


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      My wife and I loved it. It can be tricky to pull off a movie that mixes comedy and brutality well, but this one did it.